IT Network Security & Management

Do you need help with your computer’s security? Do you think how you can to protect your children in the virtual world? Do you need support with IT issues? Do you know how to use Microsoft Office 365 program effectively?

Communication & Consulting

Do you need to improve communication and decision-making in your organisation? Do you want your board or team to use their skills better so your organisation can grow? Do you to find better ways to communicate with your children and improve their emotional skills? Do you want to know how your children are feeling? 

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has many different packages for IT and communication.
We offer ready-made packages as well as customized according to the customers' wishes.
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IT Support & Consulting
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Communication & Consulting
Lectures & Workshops

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Andy Van Hoorebeke
CEO - IT Manager

Andy has a long experience in IT. It has always been a part of his life through work and hobbies. The company, GLWMax has a logo with a shark's fin. A shark is able to smell and catch it's prey from a distance, which translates to the company abilities for providing targeted solutions to problems that arise. It is important to adapt to the needs of our customers. Andy will never give up.


Tiina Van Hoorebeke

Tiina is positive, goal-oriented, supportive and clear communicator. She has 20 years' experience of working with different people, groups and organisations. People have said that with Tiina's coaching people can to believe in change!

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